To those who write the things to stir up hatred and fear of those who are American enough to embrace religious freedom and fight for the rights of others, I give you me….the Satanic Grandmother aka She Who Calls Out The Flipparoos.

In this shot you see Magistra Ygraine demonstrating that despite The Wizard of Oz, water does not make a witch melt, even the wicked kind!

I am becoming a bit nervous. I keep hearing echoes of the Satanic Panic. While my rational mind tells me those days are over, each day I see more posts from, granted, stupid people who seem to need to hurt others but justify that infliction of pain with lies designed to stir up the common folk.

As I have written before, ad nauseum, it does not help that there are genuine devil worshipers/Christian Heretics running about calling themselves Satanists–but as embarrassing as these people are only a very few are actually dangerous. They are, luckily, so obvious however, that law enforcement can stick the proverbial fork in them and declare them done in a microwave minute.

But for us, for the real Satanists who live and love life to the fullest, for those of us with kids and grandkids who want to embrace all the joys this fantastic world has to offer, this is a horrible state of affairs. It takes so very little to start the kind of fire that burns with no regard for what is is destroyed.

The following are posts that demanded two responses I have been forced to have recently written. The last piece is one I wrote for
Study – Grow – Know
Christianity in the End Times

Satanists Pray AGAINST the Church!

July 15, 2009 by modres

I received the emailed version of Jan Markell’s newsletter “Understanding the Times” this morning and was a bit shocked to read the cover article by Heidi Swander. Here are the first two paragraphs:

I was stunned recently by the story of a pastor from Brazil. One day in the not-too-distant past he was airborne and seated next to a lady who, at 6 p.m., began praying fervently. When an opportune moment presented itself, he asked her if she was a Christian. Much to his chagrin she said, no, that she was praying to her father, Satan, for the demise of pastor so-and-so.

As the conversation progressed, this Brazilian pastor found out that the Church of Satan worldwide has set aside the 6 p.m. hour every day to pray for the demise of the Christian church, and most specifically for its pastors. It would also appear that they assume or are assigned specific Christian leaders to pray against.

Heidi goes on to remind us that it is 6pm someplace throughout the world at any given moment. The saddest part of this entire thing is not that Satan’s minions pray to him for his will to be done, but that I do not pray as fervently as they do! This is a wake up call and should be to all of us. Even though Jesus said that “the gates of hell” will not prevail against His Church, we can assume from that comment that they will TRY desperately to destroy the Church.

Is it not interesting that our defeated foe continues to work hard AS IF he has NOT been defeated?! He knows his time is short and he also knows he will not prevail, yet he has not given up. He continues to move ahead with his monstrous plan to destroy the Church. Barring that, he creates as much havoc as possible, with one skirmish after another against
God’s elect; ultimately, against God Himself.

Folks, if you are a Christian reading this, then it goes without saying that prayer is the best weapon we have against the dark forces of Satan’s global empire. As we know, he constantly roams the earth looking for anyone that he can devour. He is the prince of the power of the air and uses that to its fullest to accomplish the tasks he has lined up.

Many are saying that we are in the End Times. I believe it and in fact, with everything heating up the way it has been, it becomes nearly impossible to say that we are NOT in the End Times. We await one significant event, which will kick off the Tribulation/Great Tribulation: the signing of the 7 year covenant with Israel, by one man who will act as leader of the “free” world. This maniacal genius – spawned from hell itself – will pretend to be an ally and friend of Israel, but of course will simply be biding his time until he can overthrow them.

Christian: we know the end of the story as it was written in eternity past! Christ is victorious and therefore WE are victorious IN Him. Paul tells us in Ephesians that we are seated with Christ now:

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.” (Ephesians 1:3)

The entirety of Ephesians speaks of our calling and position in Christ, along with the manifold blessings of being “in” Him. He is the Head of His Church, which is His Body. There is nothing that can stand against Him. Our responsibility though is to pray and trust. We need to pray for His will, His wisdom and His protection for all within His Body. If Satanists around the globe are praying for their master’s will to be accomplished, how much more do WE as Christians need to pray that God’s will be accomplished?

Daniel of the Old Testament was a virtual prayer warrior, who understood the need for and privilege of praying to the God of the universe. God does NOT need our prayers to accomplish His goals. He invites us to JOIN Him in warring against “powers, principalities and powers” which seek to overthrow God’s will and His eventual Kingdom. In doing so, we share in the blessings of that victory. Pray. Pray long and pray often.

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on July 15, 2009 at 1:47 PM | Reply magistraygraine
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To even believe such nonsense should be a religious sin! As a member of the clergy of The Church of Satan I can assure you of the following:
1. Satanists do not pray. Period. Not even for destruction, not for anything. Satanists do not pary because…..
2. Satanists do not believe in any gods, devils, demons, angels, faeries, hobbits, or any external, supernatural deities or entities. Satan is a METAPHOR (look it up,) therefore…
3. Satanists do not see Satan as their “Father.” Satan is a metaphor for the self–

So….this story is either a complete lie, or the pastor bumped into a very specific form of Christian. Yes, a Christian. You see this sort of behavior is not practiced by the Church of Satan, but instead by Christian Heretics called Devil Worshipers. The thing is to be a devil worshiper you have to believe all the same things in The Holy Bible as a Christian, BUT you root for the bad guy.

So, at six o’clock all real Satanists, from the Church of Satan, are NOT praying! We don”t pray to imaginary fairytales of good or bad entities. We might be indulging in a good meal, or a glass of lovely wine. We might be playing Clue with our kids, or on the phone with a good friend. The last thing we are doing is giving the slightest thought to the demise of people so stupid as to believe this sort of thing. We find them amusing, yes, but worthy of our time or energy? Not even a little.

Magistra Ygraine
Church of Satan

Then. a more disturbing piece from OpED:

Memory; Murder; Murder; PTSD; Pagan; Psychotherapy; Trauma; Trauma
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Ritual Abuse

Diary Entry by Jack Johnson

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Ritual abuse exists all over the world. There have been reports, journal articles, web pages and criminal convictions of crimes against children and adults.


Ritual Abuse

Ritual abuse exists all over the world. There have been reports, journal articles[1][2][3], web pages[4][5][6][7][8][9] and criminal convictions of crimes against children and adults [10][11][12].


* 1 Definition

* 2 Origins of the term

* 3 Evidence

* 4 References

* 5 Bibliography

* 6 External Links


Ritual abuse has been defined as:

a brutal form of abuse of children, adolescents, and adults, consisting of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, and involving the use of rituals. Ritual does not necessarily mean satanic. However, most survivors state that they were ritually abused as part of satanic worship for the purpose of indoctrinating them into satanic beliefs and practices. Ritual abuse rarely consists of a single episode. It usually involves repeated abuse over an extended period of time. The physical abuse is severe, sometimes including torture and killing. The sexual abuse is usually painful, sadistic, and humiliating, intended as means of gaining dominance over the victim. The psychological abuse is devastating and involves the use of ritual/indoctrination, which includes mind control techniques and mind altering drugs, and ritual/intimidation which conveys to the victim a profound terror of the cult members and of the evil spirits they believe cult members can command. Both during and after the abuse, most victims are in a state of terror, mind control, and dissociation in which disclosure is exceedingly difficult.[13]

and as

WHAT IS RITUAL ABUSE? (BROAD DEFINITION) Ritual abuse is the abuse of a child, weaker adult, or animal in a ritual setting or manner. In a broad sense, many of our overtly or covertly socially sanctioned actions can be seen as ritual abuse, such as military basic training, hazing, racism, spanking children, and partner-battering. Some abuse is private…some public. Public ritual abuse may be either open or secret. WHAT IS RITUAL ABUSE? (NARROW DEFINITION) The term ritual abuse is generally used to mean prolonged, extreme, sadistic abuse, especially of children, within a group setting. The group’s ideology is used to justify the abuse, and abuse is used to teach the group’s ideology. The activities are kept secret from society at large, as they violate norms and laws.[14]

Origins of the term

Pazder introduced the term “ritualized abuse” in 1980, describing the experiences of an adult survivor that was disclosing satanic abuse memories. He defined the phenomenon as “repeated physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual assaults combined with a systematic use of symbols, ceremonies, and machinations designed and orchestrated to attain malevolent effects.” Later definitions came mostly from professionals addressing ritual abuse in child care settings. Finkelhor, Williams, Burns, and Kalinowski elaborated on Pazder’s definition, defining ritual abuse as “abuse that occurs in a context linked to some symbols or group activity that have a religious, magical or supernatural connotation, and where the invocation of these symbols or activities are repeated over time and used to frighten and intimidate the children.” Kelley referred to ritual abuse as the “repetitive and systematic sexual, physical, and psychological abuse of children by adults as part of cult or satanic worship”[15].


There is a great deal of evidence supporting the existence of ritual abuse crimes as a worldwide phenomenon. Bottoms, Shaver and Goodman found in their 1993 study evaluating ritual abuse claims that in 2,292 alleged ritual abuse cases, 15% of the perpetrators in adult cases and 30% of the perpetrators in child cases confessed to the abuse[16]. “In a survey of 2,709 members of the American Psychological Association, it was found that 30 percent of these professionals had seen cases of ritual or religion-related abuse (Bottoms, Shaver & Goodman, 1991). Of those psychologists who have seen cases of ritual abuse, 93 percent believed that the reported harm took place and 93 percent believed that the alleged ritualism occurred….The similar research of Nancy Perry (1992) which further supports (the previous findings)…Perry also conducted a national survey of therapists who work with clients with dissociative disorders and she found that 88 percent of the 1,185 respondents indicated “belief in ritual abuse, involving mind control and programming”[17].

Recently an online survey[18] of over one thousand people answered questions about ritual abuse and extreme abuse crimes. In a summary of the survey [19], it was found that ritual abuse/mind control is a global phenomenon. Fifty-five percent stated they were abuse in a Satanic cult. Seventy-seven percent of the adult survivors that responded “had been threatened with death if they ever talked about the abuse.” Also, “257 respondents reported that secret mind control experiments were used on them as children.” Eighty-two percent reported being sexually abused by multiple perpetrators.

Anne Johnson Davis in her book Hell Minus One reported that her parents confessed to her abuse in writing and verbally to clergymen, and to the detectives from the Utah Attorney General’s Office. Her suppressed memories started when she was in her mid-30s, which were fully substantiated by her mother and stepfather[20][21].

Many scientific journals articles have discussed the reality of ritual abuse and its effect on its victims. Some of these articles have discussed the extreme nature of these crimes[22], proof of the reality of the ritual abuse phenomenon and victims’ symptoms[23], the connection between ritual abuse, multiple personality disorder and mind control[24] and the connections between ritual abuse reports and the higher levels of symptoms of childhood sexual and physical abuse[25]. Several additional studies and organizations have compiled research on the reality of ritual abuse crimes[26][27][28].

Ritual abuse and mind control crimes have also been confirmed in other books[29][30].

A study which identified 270 cases of sexual abuse in day care settings found that allegations of ritual abuse occurred in thirteen percent of the cases[31]. Additional evidence of ritual abuse in day care and child abuse cases has been found in news reports, journal articles and legal transcripts[32][33][34][35][36][37].

Ritual abuse occurrences have also been found in the Netherlands[38]and England[39]. Reports of ritual abuse have also been found in multiple personality disorder sufferers[15]. Kent believes that intergenerational satanic accounts are possible and that rituals related to them may come from a deviant interpretation of religious texts[40][41]. Others have stated that the theories and research around recovered memory “strongly confirm the reality of…cult abuse” of SRA survivors[42].


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13. Report of the Ritual Abuse Task Force – Los Angeles County Commission for Women “Mind control is the cornerstone of ritual abuse, the key element in the subjugation and silencing of its victims. Victims of ritual abuse are subjected to a rigorously applied system of mind control designed to rob them of their sense of free will and to impose upon them the will of the cult and its leaders. Most often these ritually abusive cults are motivated by a satanic belief system [only on the surface.] The mind control is achieved through an elaborate system of brainwashing, programming, indoctrination, hypnosis, and the use of various mind-altering drugs. The purpose of the mind control is to compel ritual abuse victims to keep the secret of their abuse, to conform to the beliefs and behaviors of the cult, and to become functioning members who serve the cult by carrying out the directives of its leaders without being detected within society at large.” click here

14. Survivorship – Frequently Asked Questions

15. a b Van Benschoten, Susan C. (1990). Multiple Personality Disorder and Satanic Ritual Abuse: the Issue Of Credibility Dissociation Vol. III, No. 1 “A large number of adult MPD patients in psychotherapy are reporting memories of explicitly satanic ritual abuse beginning in childhood. The authors of two limited surveys, conducted with a select group of MPD therapists, suggest the percentage of reported satanic ritual abuse in the MPD population to be 20% (Braun & Gray, 1986) and 28% (Braun & Gray, 1987). A survey by Kaye and Klein (1987) reveals that 20 of the 42 MPD patients in treatment with seven Ohio therapists describe a history of satanic ritual abuse. Ilopponen (1987) states that 38 of the more than 70 MPD patients she has treated report memories of “satanic-type ritualized abuse ” (p. 11). Two inpatient facilities specializing in the treatment of MPD report that approximately 50% of their patients disclose memories of satanic ritual abuse (Braun, 1989a; Ganaway, 1989). Similar accounts of satanic ritual abuse are being reported by personally unrelated MPD patients from across the United States (Braun, 1989b; Braun & Sachs, 1988; Kahaner, 1988; Sachs & Braun, 1987). In addition, according to Braun (1989b), the reports of patients in this country are similar to data collected from adult survivors in England, Holland, Germany, France, Canada, and Mexico…Brown (1986), noting many similar allegations in child and adult satanic ritual abuse accounts, suggests that reports are not only comparable across geographical and personal boundaries, but across generations as well.”

click here

16. Data from Brown, Scheflin and Hammond (1998).”Memory, Trauma Treatment, And the Law” (W. W. Norton) ISBN 0-393-70254-5 (p.62) Bottoms, B. Shaver, P. & Goodman, G. (1993) Profile of ritual abuse and religion related abuse allegations in the United States. Updated findings provided via personal communication from B. Bottoms. Cited in K.C. Faller (1994), Ritual Abuse; A Review of the research. The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children Advisor , 7, 1, 19-27

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21. Hell Minus One – signed verified confessions of satanic ritual abuse

click here

22. Cozolino, L.J. (1990). “Ritual child abuse, psychopathology, and evil”. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 18(3):218-227 “Ritualistic abuse is an extreme form of psychological, physical, and sexual maltreatment of children in the context of “religious” ceremony. The clinical presentation of the victims of such abuse is complex and raises many issues related in the diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology as well as the importance of spiritual counseling”

23. Cozolino, L.J.; Shaffer, R.E (Fall 1992) “Adults who report childhood ritualistic abuse.” Special Issue: Satanic ritual abuse: The current state of knowledge. Journal of Psychology and Theology 20(3) “Skeptics question the legitimacy of these reports, but many factors point to the reality of the phenomenon of ritualistic abuse. First of all, the degree of consistency between reports of individuals from different parts of the country is very high. The fact that children as young as 2 and 3 report ritualistic abuse experiences that mirror those reported by adult victims is especially striking in light of the fact that young children do not have access to the kind of printed information that might conceivably allow an older person to fabricate such experiences (Gould, 1987). Second, experiences of ritualistic abuse reported by victims of all ages are virtually identical to written historical accounts of Satan worship and the like (Hill & Goodwin, 1989; Russell, 1972), findings that substantiate our present-day understanding of Satanism and ritualistic abuse as intragenerational phenomenon. Third, the symptoms from which individuals reporting histories of ritualistic abuse tend to suffer are consistent with our current understanding of post-traumatic stress disorder and the dissociative disorders. The progression in which ritualistic abuse survivors respond to psychotherapy places these victims squarely within the category of individual who have suffered real-not imagined-trauma.”

24. Gould, C., & Cozolino, L. (1992) “Ritual abuse, multiplicity, and mind-control.” Special Issue: Satanic ritual abuse: The current state of knowledge. Journal of Psychology and Theology 20(3):194-6 “As a result of the psychologically intolerable nature of their early childhood experiences, victims of ritual abuse frequently develop multiple personality disorder (MPD)….Ritual abuse is conducted on behalf of a cult whose purpose is to establish mind control over the victims. Thus, these perpetrators have a conscious motive for the abuse beyond compulsively repeating their own childhood abuse in an effort to gain mastery over the original trauma. Most victims state that they were ritually abused as part of satanic worship, for the purpose of indoctrinating them into satanic beliefs (Los Angeles County Commission for Women, 1989). Mind control is originally established when the victim is a child under 6 years old.”

25. Lawrence, K.J.; Cozolino, L.; Foy, D.W. (1995). Psychological sequelae in adult females reporting childhood ritualistic abuse. Child Abuse & Neglect 19 (8): 975-984. doi:10.1016/0145-2134(95)00059-H. “Women reporting ritualistic features scored significantly higher on measures of childhood sexual and physical abuse. Neither PTSD diagnostic status nor severity for PTSD nor dissociative experiences were significantly different between the groups.” click here

26. Gould, C. (1995). Denying ritual abuse of children. Journal of Psychohistory, 22(3), 329-339. “The evidence is rapidly accumulating that the problem of ritual abuse is considerable in scope and extremely grave in its consequences Among 2,709 members of the American Psychological Association who responded to a poll, 2,292 cases of ritual abuse were reported (Bottoms, Shaver, & Goodman, 1993). In 1992 alone, Childhelp USA logged 1,741 calls pertaining to ritual abuse, Monarch Resources of Los Angeles logged approximately 5,000, Real Active Survivors tallied nearly 3,600, Justus Unlimited of Colorado received almost 7,000, and Looking Up of Maine handled around 6,000. Even allowing for some of these calls to have been made by people who assist survivors but arc not themselves survivors, and for some survivors to have called more that one helpline or made multiple calls to the same helpline, these numbers suggest that at a minimum there must be tens of thousands of survivors of ritual abuse in the United States. Evidence also continues to accumulate that the ritual abuse of children constitutes a child abuse problem of significant scope. In 1988, Finkelhor, Williams and Burns published the results of a nationwide study of substantiated reports of sexual abuse in day care involving 1,639 young child victims. Thirteen percent of these cases were found to involve ritual abuse. Other studies of ritually abused children have been relatively small. Kelly (1988; 1989; 1992a; 1992b; 1993) reported on 35 day care victims of ritual abuse, Waterman et al. (1993) reported on 82 children complaining of ritual abuse in preschool, Faller (1988; 1990) studied 18 children who had disclosed ritual abuse in their preschool, and Bybee and Mowbray (1993) from the Michigan State Department of Mental Health identified 62 children alleging ritual abuse in their preschool and 53 children who reported seeing others be ritually abused. Snow and Sorenson (1990) studied 39 children reporting ritual abuse in five neighborhoods in Utah, and Jonker and Jonker-Bakker (1991) reported on a total group of 98 children, at least 48 of whom were believed to be victims of ritual abuse. The latter case is the only one cited here which was conducted outside of the United States.”” target=”_blank”>click here

27. Paley, K. (June 1992). Dream wars: a case study of a woman with multiple personality disorder(PDF). Dissociation 5 (2): 111-116. “Apologists believe that reports of satanic cult abuse either must or could be true. There is some evidence to support the apologists. In 1986, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts in Commonwealth v. Drew (397 Mass. 65) upheld the conviction of Carl H. Drew for the murder of Karen Marsden. There was evidence that Drew conducted satanic ritual meetings and that he had killed Marsden “because she wanted to leave the cult ” (Commonworth v. Drew, 1986, p. 66). Marsden had gone to the police and reported a human sacrifice. Scott Waterhouse was convicted of the murder of a twelve year-old girl, and the conviction was upheld in the State of Maine v. Scott Waterhouse (513 A. 2d 862, Me. 1986). It was ruled that the trial court’s introduction of the defendant’s satanic beliefs was relevant in establishing motive and intent. In a study of hundreds of day care centers, Finkelhor and Williams found that “… [c] lear-cut corroboration of ritualistic practices was available in a few cases, such as Country Walk [in Miami], where ritual objects were found by police and where the female perpetrators did admit to some of the sadistic practices alleged in the children’s stories” (1988, pp. 59-60). Greaves (1992) describes a video made by the Chicago Police Department of two sites allegedly used for satanic ceremonies. He was struck by the similarity of the material to descriptions he had heard from many of his clients.

28. Report of Utah State Task Force on Ritual Abuse Utah Governor’s Commission for Women and Families (1992)

29. Secret Weapons – Two Sisters’ Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage by Cheryl and Lynn Hersha with Dale Griffis, Ph D. and Ted Schwartz. New Horizon Press, P O Box 669 Far Hills, NJ 07931 – ISBN0-88282-196-2 “”By the time Cheryl Hersha came to the facility, knowledge of multiple personality was so complete that doctors understood how the mind separated into distinct ego states,each unaware of the other. First, the person traumatized had to be both extremely intelligent and under the age of seven, two conditions not yet understood though remaining consistent as factors. The trauma was almost always of a sexual nature…” p. 52 “The government researchers,aware of the information in the professional journals, decided to reverse the process (of healing from hysteric dissociation). They decided to use selective trauma on healthy children to create personalities capable of committing acts desired for national security and defense.” p. 53 – 54

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“Cult abuse is increasing, only that-as with the increase in all child abuse reports-we have become more open to hearing them. But it seemed unlikely that the surge of cult memories could all be made up by patients or implanted by therapists. Therapists are a timid group at best, and the notion that they suddenly begin implanting false memories in tens of thousands of their clients for no apparent reason strained credulity. Certainly no one has presented a shred of evidence for massive “false memory” implantations.”

click here

click here

36. Summit, R.C. (1994). The Dark Tunnels of McMartin Journal of Psychohistory 21 (4): 397-416. “The opportunity came in April, 1990 with permission from the new owner of the preschool to search for the tunnels before he demolished the building and redeveloped the property. These soiled but solid citizens managed to find what the district attorney had disclaimed: solid, scientific evidence that someone had not only dug tunnels under the preschool, but also had taken the trouble to try to undo them. The results of this definitive excavation are described in meticulous detail in the 185 page Report of the Archaeological Excavation of the McMartin Preschool Site by E. Gary Stickel, Ph.D., the UCLA archaeologist commissioned to do the study….Dr. Stickel’s report (p.95) concludes: There is no other scenario that fits all of the facts except that the feature was indeed a tunnel. The date of the construction and use of the tunnel was not absolutely established, but an assessment of seven factors of data all indicate that it was probably constructed, used and completely filled back in after 1966 (the construction date of the preschool). This age assessment has also been corroborated by the consulting Geologist for the project, Dr. Don Michael.” click here

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External Links

* An Empirical Look at the Ritual Abuse Controversy click here

* Ritual Abuse articles click here

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* Extreme Abuse Survey




*” target=”_blank”>click here


Then, would you believe, the first comment?:
Thank you for writing on this subject!

The society of normal people have trouble understanding that these things are possible, adding insult to the injury of the victims, according to ponerologist Andrew Lobaczewski. But when society falls under the spell of psychopaths, these are the people with the special knowledge of how to get by that can help others cope, though it is a bigger tragedy for them to have to relive such horrible experiences. It cannot be overstated how crucial knowledge is of the reality of significant psychopathic participation in society–totally normal-looking people who are capable of whatever mind-frame it takes to build a tunnel, for example, under a day-care center in order to torture a bunch of children into slavery.

by Oh (7 articles, 5 quicklinks, 3 diaries, 324 comments [41 recommended, 0 rejected]) on Sunday, Jul 12, 2009 at 5:47:44 PM

My response:
This is a pic of me & my son Daimon performing the Satanic Theme Park Rite…yes, we Satanists venture out and intermingle with all the normal folk with nary a robe nor candle in sight! ‘who woulda’ thought?

Ygraine Gidney-Mitchell
Justified Bigotry: Using Children to Awaken Prejudice

In America there most surely have been individuals who have allowed their mental illness to manifest in a way that suggests SRA. Thenks to the churches and Hollywood, glamorizing and glorifying what they believe to be “Satanism,” but what is actually the Christian Heresy of Devil Worship, criminals have been handed a “devil made me do it” defense. The fact that devil worship is not Satanism (an atheistic religion created in 1966) but a branch of Christianity, requiring a belief in the Holy Bible and all things religiously Christian, is often ignored. The last thing Christians want to own up to is that they themselves are the parents of the very thing they fear.

And yet true Satanism, as per The Satanic Bible, as practiced by The Church of Satan forbids ritual abuse, the harming of children and animals, and is so conservatively law and order that it remains a minority religion because prospective members are disappointed with the hard line taken by the Church. Most are astonished to find that genuine Satanists are the most vigilante citizens in matters of crime, refusing to accept forgiveness or any defense that requires mercy.

Yes, despite the fact that 89% of ALL crime, murder included is commited by Christians, no one blames the religion itself. The excuses vary. It seems when a Christian commits a crime the Christian community is allowed to disown the criminal. They are permitted to claim that due to his anti-Christian actions the criminal wasn’t really a Christian, after all. Satanists are not permitted this denial despite The Satanic Bible, The Satanic Rules of The Earth, and the entire Satanic canon forbidding criminal behavior. In fact, The Holy Bible endorses violence, hatred, killing and other assorted variations from The Ten Commanments quite frequently, while Satanism does not. Satanism demands it’s members follow the law and rather than move criminals from parish to parish, or send them to forgiveness driven rehabilitation, the Church of Satan terminates memberships of those who commit serious crimes. The problem, as always, is based in greed.

In the 1980’s the advent of cable TV spawned a mass of evangelists to merge with some unethical couselors and shrinks and together they decided to justify their bigotry by claiming the metaphors of metal music were real and that Satanism was a thriving underground subculture. They blamed countless atrocities on people they deemed Satanic, filled the heads of patients and parishnors with False Memories (FMS*,) and managed to destroy a goodly amount of innocent lives by pointing accusatory fingers. The cottage industry that led to the Satanic Panic and made it flourish made evangelists and unethical mental health providers and shady writers of dubious talent rich. Really rich.

In 1992 the FBI’s Lanning Report, named after Special Agent Kenneth Lanning who researched and authoried it, determined there was no such thing as organized ritual abuse. The Church of Satan, in particular, was completely vindicated. Lanning found that the occasional nut might use Satanic aesthetics or are Christian Heretics, who commit the very rare and occasional atrocity, but that SRA is actually a fallacy.

So when I, a member of the Church of Satan, a mother of five, and a grandmother read this twaddle in 2009, I am revolted. All I see is an excuse to justify bigotry and prejudice and a rejection of fact in order to strike fear in the ignorant. I see an attempt to re-awaken America’s last witch hunt. I see more than 90% of the footnotes and articles are over ten years old and that most of the pro-SRAS authors have been discredited.

What is gained by this? Well, perhaps some disenfranchised Christian with a few screws loose will think that he can commit a crime for a devil (who doesn’t exist.) Someone already inclined to commit a crime may find this a handy excuse. And, of course, those writers who made a living over the suffering of those in alternative religions will sell a few more lies.

The Satanic Panic is over, and those who attempt to re-start it are plainly nothing more than bigots.

How NOT to Change the World vis-a-vis Satanism

Before my most recent lumbar relapse the big Satanism issue was the putz described above who wants to sue because he is a pussy. The article above and the exchange from a message board below sum up my view. I hope you find it enjoyable.

The following, with minor variations based on type of media, type of article, etc…is the response I have sent to over 40 various news and blog outlets:

As an authorized spokesperson and member of the clergy of the Church of Satan I am writing to respond to the articles about the inmate suing the prison in order to be allowed to practice “Satanism.” It is important to note that the Church of Satan prohibits all illegal activity.
In this particular and specific case the criminal deserves no assistance from the Church of Satan, and it is highly unlikely that the organization will support his alleged rights. If he is looking for forgiveness and welcome he’d do better by the Christian religions that practice mercy—we don’t.
As far as the Church of Satan is concerned this inmate is not a Satanist and we will not have our religion attached to such a ridiculous and shameful attempt at avoiding responsibility. Our rules are clear. He has broken them. Now he must face the consequences. Those who are interested in true Satanism and the difference between Satanism and devil worship are welcome to visit the following sites:

The Official Church of Satan

From a well intentioned CoS Member:

Ok, but sometimes one person can start a personal action. If the clergy supported all personal causes they would not have time for anything else, but besides to condemn a person or to support him there is also the position of remaining neutral. CoS is not of course a layers studio. It is possible that this man had been practicing Satanism. The important thing in this case, in my opinion is not to support that person, or the relation between Satanism and law, but to stress that the religious practice should be guaranteed, even if it is … Satanism.

I don’t know where you got the idea that was being denied. I said any Satanist of any rank is free to discuss their Satanic perspective, provided they make no implications or statements to make the readers/watchers/;listener believe that what is being said is the answer from the Church of Satan rather than the individual Satanist.

Or, perhaps you meant this um, brave man, oppressed and denied his valuable right to worship while being kept down by the man?

Surely no one is denying that this guy has been free to start a personal action. My not liking it in no way prevented it. I mean, really, would I have heard of him and been able to start MY personal action if he hadn’t already been successful at the same?

If the clergy supported all personal causes they would not have time for anything else, but besides to condemn a person or to support him there is also the position of remaining neutral. CoS i

I am having problems completely understanding you so if I am answering with non-sequitors, please forgive.

The clergy exist for the Institution above all things (except their individual lives, we are Satanists after all.) Most religious clergy are, although the Christians will imply that ministering to their members is their primary function. We are honest. Just like most of our members will admit that they joined the Church of Satan to demonstrate their respect for LaVey’s creation, protecting the institution will always come before anything else.

I don’t understand neutrality in this context, but I have this feeling you want me to agree that protecting the religious rights of Satanists should be my primary concern.

It is possible that this man had been practicing Satanism.

Yeah, maybe. I bet he Hailed Satan every 5th meth hit. He showed his devotion by always passing the pipe on the left. This is when he wasn’t committing the Satanic sacrament of fraud—best done while chanting to Abaddon. No doubt he waited for Walpurga to dismantle the meth lab on the theory if it blew it would provide a cheery conflagration for the ceremony.


He is not a practicing Satanist. You know how I know? It isn’t just the crime—and you’d do well to remember, as would every member or potential member reading this—The Church of Satan prohibits ALL (not just the crimes you like because you think they should not be crimes,)ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.

But that alone doesn’t prove that he isn’t a Satanist. There have been many Satanists who have made some serious legal errors, taken complete responsibility for them, risen above them, and generally become more Satanic as a result. Hell, there are Satanists who screw up and it is never found out for whatever reason.

This guy is not a Satanist because he is whining like a bitch because he can’t have his Baphomet Butt Protector and the mean Christians made him read Christian thoughts and they said Christian things.

In a word: Pussy.

This will not be the one for precedence.

You see a First Amendment Issue where the equality of The Satanic Bible and The Holy Bible can finally be established.

I see the reality that because of who this guy is all he can do is damage us. Joe and Mary Mainstream are reading this and all they can see is their tax dollars being wasted to get some methhead special treatment so he can worship the devil. Funny….in this case Joe & Mary Mainstream may just have it right.

Please. Please. Bring me an innocent Satanist. Bring me an intelligent and well spoken Satanist who is even guilty but is applying Satanic principles to take responsibility and improve his life and his impact on society.

Truly, at some point this fight, the prison fight will happen. It is my hope that we, the Church of Satan, get to orchestrate the scenario so instead of this association:

Mugg Shot-Methamphetamine-Recidivism-Suing-Devil Worship—what would you expect from satanists other than drug use and taking advantage of religious freedom?

We can manipulate this one:

Attractive Human–Satanist? No way, you’re kidding?—-Well, if he did that it isn’t so bad—-Intelligent—Not allowed his Bible?—That is not American to allow one and not the other

Digging me ?
We go to bat for the wrong one, it hurts every Satanist’s reputation. We got to bat for the right one and we all benefit. If we purposely distance ourselves from scum often enough, scum won’t want to come, and our reputation for high standards is set in stone.

The important thing in this case, in my opinion is not to support that person, or the relation between Satanism and law, but to stress that the religious practice should be guaranteed, even if it is … Satanism.

In the world that should be I’d have to respond to that with a big, fat “duh!” Of course in that world it would not even be an issue.

In the world that is there is meth head that looks like the most dull and stereotypical petty criminal and right now his is the face of Satanism to the world.

You go ahead and be ok with that.

In your post you exposed your opinion about that man so strongly that now I also am finding that man a complete idiot, a danger for the reputation of The Church of Satan. Boh! At the beginning I did not find him so ridiculous. shocked
Anyway, agreed, he is a complete fool.

Just so you know, I wasn’t trying to be snotty to you, although I confess to “using” you to answer any potential argument I could foresee.

Suffice to say that of course I know that legally the bureaucracy is dead wrong. Luckily I don’t represent the bureaucracy.

Anyway, again, the bitchiness wasn’t for you exactly. More like sharpening the claws in preparation for others.


The most salient point is how we can utilize the First Amendment without playing victim, without presenting a stereotype of Satanism, and actually win a precedence setting point that guarantees the legal rights of Satanists who actually represent the religion well.

The day will come. It is bound to. This, however, isn’t it.

Hail, Satan!



The following exchange from the same thread may prove of value to those who would like to utilize Response, op-ed’s, Letters to the Editor, and Comment forms:

From an Active CoS member:

I have a question related to this topic…
If a CoS member sees media such as this, is the recommended action to alert a clergy member to respond publically; or, is it proper for a non-titled member to make a public response?

1. Yes, tell a clergy member or agent so they can deal with the “official” CoS position.

2. Although registered and active members CANNOT claim to be giving the official position, or imply that they are speaking for all Satanists they are perfectly capable (if they feel they have writing talent) of commenting/responding like this:

While I refer you to the Church of Satan website to clarify the overall Satanic view of this subject, as an individual Satanist I feel……………………”

Or something to that effect.

If you are concerned about your comment ask a clergy member or agent you feel comfortable with to assist you.


Finally, thanks to Roho & Xerx!

From Knol/One Kind Of Satanist

There Is Only One Form of Satanism

The Satanic Bible Presents the Only Legitimate Satanic Religion

While many groups and organizations today claim to be “Satanic”, only the philosophy practiced by the members of the Church of Satan and those who adhere to The Satanic Bible can rightfully be called Satanists. All others are merely variations of Christian Heretics and devil worshipers. Given the recent upsurge in alleged ritual abuse, now more than ever, it is essential that only one definition of Satanism be accepted.

If you enter “Satanism” in any internet search engine you are likely to find what seems like hundreds of Satanic organizations.  Page after page of results implies a veritable plethora of Satanic people and groups, able to cater to any particular slant or interest in the occult .  Anyone unfamiliar with the occuilt subculture would no doubt get a tad nervous thinking so many of these dark and gloomy groups of Satanists exist.  The fact remains, however, while there IS no shortage of gloomy, occultnik, magickal, devil worshiping malcontents, there is only one group that has a legitimate right to call themselves Satanists:  The Church of Satan.

Founded in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey the Church of Satan was the first group in the history of the world to describe themselves as Satanists.  This is incredibly important.  Prior to 1966 the only time the word Satanist/ism was used was by Christians or other religious bigots as a derogatory.  Even those who embraced what we would consider modern Satanic ideals did not use the word “Satanist” to define themselves.  So, to reiterate, we, The Church of Satan, were the first to take that name and embrace it and even more importantly, to strictly define it.

Among those hundreds of others who want to be seen as Satanists, very few have what would be considered a cohesive philosophy.  Some of them worship a literal devil.  Some worship an amalgam of Christian created demons and demi-gods combined with ancient Pagan deities.  Some have elaborate rituals and ceremonies, extensive (albeit laughable) hierarchies, and swell web pages announing that they are the REAL Satanism.  What most of them lack is what makes the Church of Satan the legitimate religious organization it is.

The Satanic Bible, published in 1969, is the first book of that title to be published by a mainstream publisher, offered in entire world, and in consistant print since it’s first edition.  It lays out the foundation for the relgion of Satanism.  Any human who can read can pick it up, read it, and have a working knowledge of the basic rules of Satanism.
This codification of a religion, the providing of a structured dogma, had never (again in the entire history of the world) been applied to Satanism before.  Once that book was published, regardless of the slow and negligent responses of dictionary and encyclopedia editors, Satanism had a new and decisive definition.

Religion is defined by ritual, dogma, and fellowship.  The Church of Satan provided those to the world regarding Satanism.  The Satanic Rituals were published.  The book The Church of Satan (by Magistra Blanche Barton) further established dogma, and LaVey himself created a structured degree system to establish a clerical hierarchy.  These three factors allowed the Church of Satan to grow in both membership and in canon.  Today there are three authors responsible for the written dogma of Satanism:  Anton LaVey, Blanche Barton, and Peter Gilmore.  Additionally many of the hierarchy have  written books that demonstrate the practice of this religious dogma, including Matt Paradise, James Sass (aka Svengali,) Nemo, and others.  The religion of Satanism has the dogmatic structure of any other religion while simultaneously finding new ways to explore and practice the living philosophy.

The problem arose, however, when the mentally challenged or psychologically impaired took a liking to the Satanic aesthetic, but refused to follow the Satanic rules.  Anton LaVey was no fan of sociopathy.  His religious tenets Found Here Under Theory & Practice were specific and demanding.  Regardless of Hollywood’s prurient ideals, and the dirty minds of the repressed Christian clergy, Satanism is not simply mindless hedonism.  Religious prohibitions include any sort of living sacrifice, the harming of children, sexual abuse, drug use, and any illegal activity.

Yet many people wanted to be “Satanists” but refused to accept the rules.  Unlike Christianity, Satanism doesn’t adhere to the concept of forgiveness, and those found to be violating these religious rules soon found themselves removed from the membership of the Church of Satan.  Undaunted, and seemingly without imagination, instead of creating something new, these people tried to redefine Satanism.  Moreover, they decided to return to their Christian roots and call basic devil worship “Satanism” and insist that their “brand” of Satanism was the real/true/actual one.

Keeping in mind that not a single one of these so-called religions can come close to the body of work that forms the canon of The Church of Satan, their arguments are predictable.  Claiming that because they actually worship a literal deity named Satan and therefore have a greater right to the title “Satanist” might hold weight had there been a group of genuine Satan worshippers who called themselves that before–but there wasn’t.  No matter how hard they try these groups cannot link their chosen name and a historical group that used it.  That being the case the only reasonable assumption about why they choose the name Satanist is to confuse the populace and imply they are the real Church of Satan.  In short, they want to steal the history, prestige, and name from the only legitimate Satanic organization in the world, the Church of Satan, while breaking every Satanic law and embarrassing the established members.

They call themselves “theistic satanists,” or “spiritual satanists,” or “traditional satanists.”  They call members of the Church of Satan “LaVeyan Satanists.”  The Chuch of Satan calls them what they truly are, Christian heretics.  While The Satanic Bible acknowledges Satan as a metaphor, and Satanists are atheistic, these devil worshipers are every stereotype the mainstream believes about Satanism and the 40 years of work done by members of the Church of Satan to dispel misconceptions is laid to ruin by these miscreants.  They pray to Satan.  They identify his alleged power from Christian scripture.  They are locked in a philosophical loop, bearing a hatred for the thing they are dependent upon, Christianity, and yet utilizing it’s definitions and mythologies to support their belief structure.  Additionally they are angry and full of vitriol at the true Satanists of the Church of Satan.

After the Satanic Panic ended but prior to the pervasiveness of the internet there was a brief but rational time when it was relatively easy for Satanists to deal with misconceptions about the religion of Satanism.  If a crime, perhaps a animal mutilation, was being blamed on Satanism one of the Church of Satan’s spokespeople could easily show the accusers the passages in The Satanic Bible or other dogmatic writings to substantiate that such an act was un-Satanic.  If there was a custody debate, or occult vandalism, the codified dogma of Satanism was easily produced to demonstrate the Satanic position.  These would-be Satanists, these devil worshipers, have destroyed that ability, and have allowed all who are called Satanist to be of questionable ethics.

By there being just one Satanic church, with one set dogma, with one hierarchy, Satanism is in a position to police itself.  The Church of Satan has always supported and endorsed law enforcement, going so far as to assist the authorities even in cases against members who have violated the laws of both man and Satanism.  Being one’s own God requires a higher, not diminished, requirement of responsibility.  The heretics who steal the name Satanist are merely inverse Christians, relinquishing personal responsibility to a deity named Satan, who not only exists, but must possess the same powers as the mythological God that they so despise.
The Church of Satan would have no problem if these people called themselves Demonologists.  Dark Pagans.  Devil Worshipers.  Followers of Lucifer.  The Moose Club.  Even, in a pinch, Satan Worshipers, as Satanists believe in study, not worship, and find the very idea of worship distasteful..  Any name other than Satanist would do.

Satanists support the freedom of religion and  minding one’s own business is practically a Satanic hallmark, so regardless of the revulsion Satanists feel for the beliefs of these heretics, it isn’t their religion per se, that is the problem.  After all, Satanists are revulsed by 99% of the religions out there or they wouldn’t be Satanists.  It is the disregard for the history, the accomplishments, and  the revolutionary theology of true Satanism  that illicits such disdain.  Satanists know that no one would be safe using the name Satanist today if a man named Anton LaVey didn’t create a religious revolution 40+ years ago.  Satanists know that in the blink of an eye a new Satanic panic could begin, and all the dedication and work of the Satanists on the front lines will be for nothing when that search engine brings up names like the anti-semetic Joy of Satan, or the copycat First Church of Satan, or one of the many new groups that advocate blood letting, or graveyard hazings, or allow drug use.

By maintaining that there is only one Satanism, as created by Anton LaVey, as stated in The Satanic Bible, as practiced by those who adhere to The Satanic Bible and/or are members of The Church of Satan, we pay respect to history, we provide society with an understandable philosophy and a means to receive information through an educated Satanic clergy, and we provide members with a solid religion replete with the rituals, the dogma, and the fellowship the human animal is proven to require.

Support Home Depot: Keep a Devil Worshiper on Food Stamps

Hardware Chain demands responsibility from a Joy of Satan member (leading Ygraine to wish them a hearty “good luck!”)

First, read this nonsense:
Devil Worshiper Indulges in Victim Mentality

Well, I am doing a little jig! Anything that potentially upsets a Joy of Satan retard makes my fucking day! According to the sheep leader of this organization:

They do this to one of us, they do this to ALL of us. In retaliation, we ask that our people do not do business with Home Depot in any way. There are many other stores out there that sell the same line of items.

It appears that those Joy of Satan retards are unaware of , or do not support the rights of corporations to run their businesses as they see fit. Apparently they believe employees use of a computer belonging to a company and the internet paid for by that company has no boundaries and that an employee should have free rein to use that which is not theirs to their damaged little heart’s content.


Unless the company is breaking a legitimate law said company is allowed to place whatever restrictions it wants to on it’s employees. Home Depot has every right in the world, regardless of reason, to say “Hey, you work for US, and we don’t want you using our internet account and our computers to play at religion, or surf porn, or find coupons. You can do that shit at home.!”

Points of Interest:

1. Face it, anything that fucks with Joy of Satan makes me giddy.
2. Boycotting IS a legitimate and possibly the only truly effective method of protest, but somehow I think Home Depot won’t be missing the whopping .89 cents these cheap bastards might drop for some super glue.
3. In this economy anyone who quits a job over something that they can do at home is a moron.
4. This sort of victim cry about discrimination HURTS those who have a genuine case. When everyone jumps on the victim bandwagon legitimate victims get lost in the fray.
5. So, um, where is Satan and his demons to help this poor afflicted soul? Joy of Satan says “We know Satan and his Demons are real beings. “ So why didn’t the blood-letting, the “meditations<“ and the whole soul selling thing keep Mr. Whiney in a job?

In happy conclusion, if nothing else, Joy of Satan is so busy being anti-Semitic devil worshipers that they neglect to remind their members that nothing beats lesser magic for surviving day to day. Relinquishing your responsibility to Satan is no different than doing the same to God.

Neither will help you earn a dime.

Yet, despite all evidence to the contrary, Joy of Satan still follows the Christian way of doing things, as demonstrated by the following from bigot and psychotic Maxine Deitrich:

Given my excess of responsibility, I have left the issue in the hands of Satan. Satan told High Priest Salem Burke “What they do to my own, they do to me.” He knows who these people are. It is only a matter of time.

Change Satan for God and there is no difference whatsoever.

Justice At Last/Harris Covicted/Satanism Cleared!

Harris Convicted

Magus Gilmore, Priestess Graham, Citizen Wylie, and myself have been dealing with this issue for almost a year.

This is my standard letter to the press each and every time they used the word Satanism in regards to this crime:

Ever since Lawrence Harris committed the most heinous and repulsive of all crimes, Satanists have endured a continual assault against our religion, both in the media and within the courtroom. As a result, and to prevent another decade long Satanic panic Satanists are asking responsible journalists to do their jobs properly and research Satanism prior to printing/reporting any further misinformation.

From the moment this crime was committed the Church of Satan found itself in the unenviable position of wanting to deal with Harris Satanically—meaning we want justice with no forgiveness for his horrific crimes, while in no way wanting to validate Harris’ defense.

We are thoroughly frustrated that the most basic information about our religion and this case specifically is being ignored! The following are verifiable facts that have been ignored, either intentionally for the purpose of sensationalism, or through the ignorance and laziness of those reporting:

1. Harris was never a member of the Church of Satan.
2. Harris was not a Satanist.
3. There are no rituals in The Satanic Bible that require or even imply any form of living sacrifice.
4. There are no rituals/ceremonies in the entire canon of Satanic dogma that requires or even implies living sacrifice.
5. Satanism prohibits the harming of children and animals.
6. The Church of Satan does not endorse, and will terminate the membership of those who commit, criminal activity.

After 43 years as a legal, growing religion there are hundreds of other quotes and samples of our dogma that could be used here to substantiate our point, but surely these examples would seem worthy of mention when reporters are writing about this case. There certainly has been no shortage falsehoods printed as if they were fact!

Twenty years ago Satanists were forced to hide and were persecuted because a cottage industry sprung up where evangelists, unethical therapists, notoriety hungry authors and dubious journalists created a myth about sacrifices, breeders, and other completely untrue crimes attributed to Satanists/Satanism. The end result was thousands of NON_Satanists had their lives destroyed and many Satanists were forced underground. When the smoke cleared, with the FBI’s Lanning Report, one would have thought humanity would have learned something. Instead journalists are swallowing the same lies with the same disregard for truth. We can only hope their refusal to do the most perfunctory research, won’t again, destroy the lives of the innocent.

The Church of Satan’s High Priest, Magus Peter Gilmore ushered in the age of Justice after 9/11. In that spirit the membership of the Church of Satan wants nothing more than to see Lawrence Harris pay dearly and brutally for his heinous and repugnant crime. One fact about the religion of Satanism that might be of interest is that Satanists do not do forgiveness, and Harris is worthy of no mercy. The same harshness however is not deserved by the many legally practicing Satanists who are being slandered and libeled each and every day.

The information is available and it is free. Surely it isn’t too much to ask professional journalists to look at it before making statements that hurt the innocent.


Magistra Ygraine Mitchell

This is the addendum to that release:


  1. The Church of Satan is relieved to know that the false and derogatory defense Mr. Harris attempted to use to avoid his responsibility for his vicious crimes was met with sanity as evidenced by his rapid conviction.
  2. The Church of Satan’s name has been dragged through the mud by both sides in this adversarial process, when all we wanted was justice our religion demands for the children our religion reveres.
  3. It is indeed sad that Mr. Harris cannot legally meet his end in the same way he forced those two innocent children to, but perhaps one day, in a Satanic world………….

Does it ever help? I don’t know. For 28 years I have been essentially saying the same thing and yet there is always some new idiot or greedy televangelist who is dependent on Satanism as a scapegoat.

Thanks to all those who thought this mattered enough to get involved! I wish you could see the brilliant writing in the Affidavits that Magus Gilmore sent–it would make you proud of being in an organization that has such brilliance at the very top.

Magda Graham kept the entire hierarchy of the Church of Satan informed.

Citizen Dino/Wylie did so much research that I always wished he was prosecuting the case. He found information that shed an entirely different light on the case and would have, if the real prosecutor wasn’t a lazy bigot, negated the need for Satanism to even be mentioned.

Anyway, friends, I am home from my surgery and while nowhere near 100% it feels damn good to sit in my grandfather’s chair and speak to/with/for you all.


Famous last Words…I hope not

For Steve, Thanks and Hail, Satan!  Ygraine

For Steve, Thanks and Hail, Satan! Ygraine

So…I have to have back surgery tomorrow and I was hitting all my various internet incarnations to say appropriate “be gone a while. ” sorts of things, when I checked on a comment I had written about a really fucking weird blog.

First of all, for some reason this really old school Christian blog truly offended me.  The reason was simple, unlike most of these anti-Satanic/Christian fundy blogs, this one was well written and thus gave the impression it might be correct.  I just hate that!  It seems to me that if you’re going to go to the trouble of endorsing a completely idiotic belief system the least you can do it complete the ensemble by drooling or something.

So—this is what pissed me off:

Anyway, turns out the guy is a Priest so I guess I’m going to have to excuse his vocational need for irresponsible bullshit.  However, itis obvious that this man could comprehend and understand the beautiful simplicity and the unerring ethics of Satanism.  It is almost like they, the smart Christian (and no jokes about oxymorons here, kids, thank you very much,) have to make up crazy shit about us in order to avoid the reality that we are ethical, moral, and more importantly, completely in tune with human nature.

So, nervous and pissy as I am—not to mention medicated, I wrote:

The Church of Satan wishes to remind you that prejudice and bigotry aren’t sufficient reasons to lie about another legally recognized religion.
“Satanic churches are growing in number and also in membership.”
The Church of Satan has seen a proportionate increase in membership with the advent of the internet.
There are no other “Satanic” churches. There are many devil worshiping sects of Christianity that may be growing, but they generally lose as many as they gain due to the simple factor of growing up.
However, this is a perfect example of how YOU, yes YOU, Christians create devil worshipers and then blame us Satanists:
. “Some of those means can include the promises of material rewards, and the rewards of sensible pleasure under the forms of uninhibited sex, drugs, even sadistic and masochist practices. “ and “However, the devil is real, and we cannot underestimate his cleverness and power,”
Now, some bored kid hears that and BAM! He believes that is Satanism and he wants to join. Sadly, as you have warned him against it , he won’t read The Satanic Bible and find out that drugs are prohibited, minors are not welcome, that sexuality carries responsibility, and masochism is frowned upon. He would also learn there is no devil and that he alone is responsible for his actions.
So, while we Satanists are religiously mandated to create responsible humans who are law abiding and embrace justice, you Christians are creating the very monsters you fear!
Satanism is not devil worship.
True Satanists, as atheists , do not worship anything or any body. “Study not worship” is a Satanic motto.
Devil Worshipers worship the Christianized Devil.
Satanists are prohibited from any sort of sacrifice. When you deny all gods, goddesses, demons, angels and hobbits there is no one to sacrifice to.
Taking a page from Leviticus, Devil Worshipers sacrifice animals and occasionally people to the Christian Devil.
The Church of Satan excommunicates Satanists for committing criminal activity .
Devil worshipers revel in criminal behavior knowing that no matter what Christians are obligated to forgive them.
Satanists are born, not made. Satanists do not recruit, or go door to door—they rely on the inherent intelligence of the Satanist to seek out The Satanic Bible.
Devil worshipers are created in the pews of Christian churches. Through ignorance and prejudice Christian ministers tell lurid lies and stories about “Satanists”—glamorizing them in the eyes of bored church goers. They imply the devil has real power, thereby encouraging the mentally deficient, who already feel “different,” to seek out this powerful being to align themselves with.
Frankly, we’re getting a bit tired with having to clean up your messes and being slandered by you.
Surely, if your God existed, he would be ashamed that you mask your bigotry with lies to rationalize your prejudice.
Intentional ignorance is not an excuse.’needing a scapegoat isn’t a good reason either.
Feel free to dislike us Satanists because we don’t believe in or pay homage to your god, but please stop lying about us and creating these bastard children of Christianity—the devil worshiper.

Magistra Ygraine
Church of Satan, Clergy

For more on the difference between Devil Worship and Satanism see

or, for proof regarding Satanism:

Now, I am under no delusion (ok, maybe a little baby one) that suddenly someone reading that site is going to have a V-8  moment, smack their foreheads and realize Satanism is a good thing.  Truth be told if a bunch of Christians did that I’d have to re-read the book and make sure everything is as I thought, but anyway…..

You can see from the link above the whole exchange butseveral lines from the Priest and one of his flock really brought me to an epiphany.

The Priest obviously says what a Priest would say.  He asks the same questions I get asked every interview I do–I even gave my  blog addresses so I wouldn’t have to repeat myself, where his questions are answered but I bet he won’t read them.  Regardless, he is a Priest and was cordial and only a bit condescending.


Meet Steve.

Steve is also a stereotype, but one totally based on reality.  Even after explaining that Satanists don’t worship and are atheists, this is Steve’s big contribution to the conversation:

And Magistra, have fun worshiping the greatest loser in the history of the earth.

No matter how clear I make it,  no matter how much the smart Priest gets it—even if he disagrees with it, THIS is what HIS religious brethren, his flock, his people look and think like—Steve.  Steve may love God, and maybe that is enough for Christianity, but how can anyone want to be a part of something that values ignorance, prejudice, and stupidity—as long as they have faith?

How can a Christian hope to “save” someone like, say, ME, when the big reward is supposed to bunking with the likes of Steve Einstein over here for eternity,

The streets of Heaven are not paved with enough gold for that to entice me!

I’d rather take responsibility for my own life and read a book other than the Holy Bible, than end up like Steve, with his closed mind, and obviously angry heart.

So, Hail to my church—the Church of Satan, and the Satanists!  I NEVER am embarrassed by MY fellow Satanists.  Satanists  can read.  Satanists use reason over faith.  Knowing there is no god to rescue us, and no devil to harm us makes us the most responsible religion in the world.  We will not surrender our free will to imaginary beings.  Most of all the members of my church who love me do so because it is real and genuine, not because the are commanded to by god to love everyone!  Thanks, Steve!  I go under the knife tomorrow feeling really good about myself and my fellow Satanists.

Much Love, Ygraine

Heretics/Traditionals/Theistic, Maybe, but NOT SATANISM

Satanic Witch

Satanic Witch

It has been a busy media month in Satanism, so I have been fairly busy doing that thing I do. Between the ridiculous situation in Durham, and the noise filtering from Chicago regarding a custody battle, and the horrible crime in Sioux City that could have only been made worse by a bigoted prosecutor attempting to lie to a jury by cutting and pasting passages from The Satanic Bible I am seeing a few trends I’d like to address.

The thing is, while researching answers and issues, I discovered a veritable treasure trove of old and new stuff from devil worshipers—some of it even attacking me and my stance on their existence, which is I suppose understandable. After all, my stance is that they don’t deserve to exist, but exist they do. They have even become euphemistically savvy! They no longer refer to themselves as devil worshipers or even Satanists (for which we Satanists can be truly grateful,) but now: Theistic Satanists. It is just like the creationists calling their beliefs Intelligent Design.

These devil worshipers of course can call themselves anything they want. There is no legal monopoly on words, even if there should be. I can hope all I want that given the disdain they show Anton LaVey and his creation of a legitimate religious system called “Satanism” that they’d demonstrate a tad more imagination, but evidently imagination isn’t their strong suit. So instead of coming up with something new, or even something that appropriately describes their beliefs they co-opt the name of something they hate and whip out a thesaurus, and BINGO! WHAM! Theistic Satanism is born.

Unlike real Satanism, which was created in 1966 and stands alone as religion, TS has, in fact, existed for a good long time. As long as man has had some almighty monotheistic god-form, that form has had a nemesis, and those pissed at God have put their money on that nemesis. More than any Satanist could ever be Devil worshippers are clearly reactionary. They obviously believe that there is a God, there is a Devil, and they are supporting the Devil.

No silly metaphors or psychological archetypes for them! They want the full on Hollywood version of an anti-god. They want all the things said in church on Sunday to be true. I swear. If you doubt check out some internet stuff on either Theistic or (more embarrassing, yet) Traditional Satanism you’ll see that if anything I am under-stating the point. What you will find is every one of the worst stereotypes of occultists you could imagine as they happily express their acceptance of everything from animal sacrifice to demonic possession. If it wasn’t so bloody retarded it might be funny.

Of course, I don’t get it. One of the major attractions of Satanism to me was the very lack of all supernatural beings/entities/god-forms etc…I understood the psychological impact of using archetypes to define states of being without ever needing those archetypes to be real. Most of all I found the lack of “worship,” which to me is nothing more than getting on your knees and kissing someone’s ass, extremely appealing. So, I really have issues with comprehending why anyone would worship anything, let alone a god-form dependant upon the mythology they claim to have turned against. Begging is begging, even if you call it prayer or worship. These “traditionalists” are the equivalent of religious pan-handlers.

In the past I have always referred to these holdovers from the 80’s as Christian Heretics. After all, they believe all the same crap as Christians. They seem to think there is real Hell and they want to go there. They think Satan is real and they can sell their souls to him. They evidently accept Revelations in the Bible. The only thing that separates them from their Christian counter-parts is who’s side they are on. That is too fine a distinction for me. If you take two football fans, but each roots for a different team–is either one any less a football fan? Nope.

Now, if they called themselves anything that didn’t end with the word “Satanists” none of this would be my business at all.

But they do. And, as I pointed out before, since they hate the Church of Satan, dismiss The Satanic Bible, and flagrantly break the rules of both Satanism and the laws of man, I can only assume they use that word to attempt to legitimize themselves to others. In short, they don’t want to endure the work and earn the accomplishment that Dr. LaVey did when he created a new religion. They want to take the name and use it as a short-cut to establish themselves as something other than heretical Christian devil worshippers.

Instead, what they are actually doing is fucking it up for Satanists. They are creating a sub-culture that steals just enough from LaVey & the CoS that it is that much harder for us to separate ourselves from them in the public eye. It is no longer possible to use the blanket “…but those weren’t Satanists” response to reporters questions about crime without mega-qualifiers. Their thievery has done what they hoped–it has allowed them to be recognized as Satanists, even though we all know they are no such thing.

I know of one of these heretical high priests who reads my stuff and mentions me as a bad Satanist every chance he gets. I know of another who plies alt.satanism with diatribes about how his lord, Satan, will be punishing the Church of Satan for being atheists. A woman in the movement goes behind me on every forum or blog I post/comment on and feels the need to point out that the Church of Satan has a limited view of what a Satanist is, and therefore my commentary on how Satanists could not have committed whatever crime I am discussing, is dubious! Great! I guess she’d be happier if I somehow acknowledged TS existence and accept that now certain kinds of Satanists could’ve committed the crime! Jesus fucking Christ!

It seems to me that if I created a new religion I’d want to give it a bright shiny new name, but I suppose if I sought to be the most boring of stereotypes, I’d steal the name of those I disagree with, and then live up to every cliché’ the herd could come up with.